How Much Does a Russian Mail Order Bride Cost

Thousands of men want to know Russian mail order brides prices since these cuties are famous worldwide. If you have already had the pleasure of communicating with girls from Russia, you will be happy to know the cost to buy a Russian bride for yourself. 

Many web-based dating agencies promise you bright prospects. If you choose the most quality platform, you may count on their fairness and efficiency while looking for a Russian mail order bride. The best sites provide seamless experiences for all users. At the same time, they are not free, making it necessary to learn about the average price of a Russian bride. 

Hence, this Russian mail order wife price guide helps you get the idea of expenses for online services and offline dating. 

What Is the Average Price of a Russian Bride?

Do you think that girls from Russia are too expensive for communication, dating, and marriage? Let’s figure out the reality.

You should spend just a couple of minutes to sign up for the site with hundreds of hot single Russian brides. Fortunately, there are many affordable platforms for international romantic connections, making it possible to find Russian mail order wives without huge investments. Why should you choose one of them?

  • These sites usually contain detailed profiles.
  • You have many tools to win the heart of the Russian mail order bride remotely.
  • An accurate matchmaking algorithm will help you to find a compatible partner.
  • Safety features allow buying Russian wifes trouble-free and avoid scammers.

Still, the best thing is that mail order bride prices from Russia will hardly exceed $200 for a year membership. Of course, gift delivery requires a bit more, as well as translating services. Yet, the latter is not mandatory since many girls speak English fluently in that region. So, just a couple hundred bucks provide you plenty of chances to buy a Russian wife online and enjoy her true love for the rest of your life.

Consider using a reliable dating service to ensure the legitimacy of girls on offer and the desired outcomes of using the dating site. Otherwise, men risk getting scammed or becoming unwitting players in human trafficking.

How Much Do Russian Mail Order Brides Cost in Their Country?

Are you ready for investments? Then, the following information is for those getting the idea of dating girls in their native environment. If you live in the USA and want to travel to Russia, your Russian mail order wife costs will look as follows:

  • The average price round-trip in New York–Moscow is $655.
  • A decent hotel will cost you approximately $116 (weekend night) and $129 (weeknight). Generally, you should pay nearly $2,500 for two weeks.
  • The average check in Moscow restaurants with no drinks is $70 per dinner for one person.
  • You should add presents to the Russian mail order bride price, and they will cost you around $1,000. 
  • Drivers and other services will increase your check. 

Of course, Russian mail order brides for sale are much cheaper. Besides, two weeks or even more time can hardly be enough for starting a serious relationship. 

What Is the Cost for a Russian Bride Abroad?

If you want to invite the girl to your native country (the USA, for example), you must pay $265 for a K-1 visa. It looks affordable, right? However, it’s better not to skimp on a good lawyer and pay $1,000 more for quality services. 

Marrying a Russian bride also entails expenses. You should support her in the period of adaptation. Many beautiful and smart girls need additional education, language courses, and other similar stuff to get a profession, start working or just fit in with American society. 

What Should You Consider to Put Mail Order Russian Brides Prices?

So, how much do Russian mail order brides cost? The final price depends on the dating site you pick for your purposes. Since some have a credit-based payment system, your expenses will change regarding the number of women you contact and the duration of your online session.

Then, the cost for a Russian bride includes your girl’s residence. Russia is a large country, and intercity trips need more money. Your dating style also matters. Are you a rich man looking for a luxury wife? Maybe, you are a young professional who wants an equal partner to build your life together. Tastes and financial capabilities differ. In any case, average mail order Russian brides prices start from $4,000 and reach $25,000 from the moment of your first meeting up to the engagement. 


How much do Russian mail order brides cost?

An average cost to meet and marry a Russian single is from several hundred to several thousand dollars, regarding a man and his girl’s living places, requirements, lifestyles, and ideas of quality family life. 

What is the average age to get married in Russia?

Girls from the capital and large cities tend to get married later, like their western siblings. On the other hand, females from small towns and rural areas usually find life partners in their twenties. 

How successful are mail order marriages?

The idea of international romance looks attractive but requires honesty from both partners. Different mentalities, social standards, and language barriers might become a sticking point for those who are not patent, tolerant, and respectful. In contrast, real love will overcome such trifles.